The Program's Premium Discounts

The Program is committed to serving psychiatrists by offering a variety of premium discounts.

Discounts may vary by state or policy type. Please call 1-800-245-3333 or e-mail us for specific details for your practice.

Early Career Psychiatrists

Up to 60% rate reduction for three years immediately following:

  • Completion of residency
  • Completion of fellowship
  • Discharge from active duty in the military

For more information and a special offer, please visit our Early Career Psychiatrists page.

Part-Time Practitioners

Up to 60% for part-time practitioners.

More information for part-time practitioners.

Residents or Fellows

50% for APA residents or fellows for psychiatric moonlighting activities totaling 20 or fewer hours a week.

More information for moonlighting residents or fellows.

Note: You must be in an ACGME** or RCPS(C)*** approved Residency Training Program full-time and in PGY2 or later. Note that coverage does not apply to work performed in the Residency Training Program. **Accreditation Council for Graduated Medical Education ***Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

15% rate reduction for child and adolescent psychiatrists*

For more information and a special offer, please visit our Child and Adolescent page.

Risk Management Education

5% for attendance at an approved risk management educational seminar.**

Group Coverage

Discounts for behavioral healthcare groups are available; for more information about group coverage please request additional information or call us at 800-245-3333, or fax to 703-276-0873. Learn more about features and benefits of group coverage.

Psychoanalysis as Majority of Practice

5% full-time practice**

American Psychiatric Association Membership Credit

A 5% premium credit is available for members of the American Psychiatric Association. ***

*Subject to individual account underwriting
** Under New York law, this discount is not available to New York residents
*** Subject to state approval


Actual terms, coverages, conditions and exclusions may vary by state. Insurance coverage provided by Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (NAIC 35157). FAIRCO is an authorized carrier in California, ID number 3175-7.

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