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Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

We understand that psychiatrists working with children and their families face unique challenges regarding issues such as prescribing medications, maintaining confidentiality, and obtaining informed consent. In response, we have developed a series of risk management articles and resources specifically addressing child and adolescent psychiatry. As a Program client, you have free access to these resources and information. In addition, The Program offers a 15% premium reduction for child and adolescent psychiatrists (subject to individual account underwriting).

If you would like a complimentary copy of our article, "Risk Management Issues in the Psychiatric Treatment of Children and Adolescents", please complete the form below. Or, you may download the article.

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Discount Available

We offer a 15% rate reduction for child and adolescent psychiatrists!*

Upcoming Seminar

Register today for our upcoming seminar, "Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Digital Age", being held on October 20, 2014 in San Diego, CA.

If you have your insurance with The Psychiatrists' Program you can attend this seminar free of charge and you are eligible to earn a risk management premium discount.

Coverage Types

If you are currently insured with a claims-made policy with another company, The Psychiatrists' Program can transfer your current retroactive date to your new policy. (Your retroactive date is the start date of coverage through the claims made policy you currently have.)

In many cases, our rates for retroactive coverage are lower than your current company's tail coverage rate. Also, contact us to see how you may qualify for free tail coverage.

*Subject to individual account underwriting