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Welcome to Rx for Risk, featuring timely and beneficial articles on topics such as the use of prescription monitoring programs, electronic health records, informed consent, and telemedicine. To read previous issues, please visit our Rx for Risk Archive (log-in required).

Sample Issue: Rx for Risk: 2016 Volume 24 Issue 4 (.pdf)


Topics for this issue include:
  • Why Marijuana is Still a "High" Risk for Physicians
  • Bullying - It's Different Now
  • HIPAA and NICS
  • Telemedicine - Still so Many Unknowns
  • The FTC's Action Against LabMD
  • Minors' Confidentiality vs Parents' Right to Know
  • The Importance of Including Driving Prohibitions in Informed Consent Discussions
  • Your Medical Records Could be Held for Ransom
  • Minors & Sexting: Serious Consequences


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